Seven Potential Risks of Outdated Garage Doors

Yellow one-car garage with paneled garage door and chipping paint

There are lots of reasons why new garage door installation can be really important. “Past it” garage doors can do everything from bring down your property value to ruin your time in the garage. In that situation, the only solution is a new door.

Old garage doors:

  • Bring down your property value
  • Affect your reputation with the neighbors
  • Require constant repair
  • Make your garage unenjoyable
  • Can let critters in
  • Can cause flooding
  • Are loud

Let’s talk about each of these problems in a little more detail so you have a better idea of why new overhead doors are such a good idea!

It Brings Down Your Property Value

No matter how wonderful your deck, paint job, patio, pool, and landscaping is- an old overhead door will bring down your property value. If it doesn't match the standard of the rest of your home, unfortunately, your property value will be affected (and not positively).

If you want to sell your home, you should definitely look into getting a new garage door. Just like an old one can lower property value, a new one can shoot your property value up. We’ve been installing garage doors for years and can help get your property value back where it should be.

It Will Affect Your Reputation with the Neighbors

If your neighborhood is well-kept but you have an old garage door, it’s likely an eyesore that sticks out. It will probably annoy your neighbors to live next to someone who doesn’t take care of their house.

Think about how peeving it is when someone doesn’t mow their lawn frequently enough. Now imagine a permanent stain on the home you’re living next to. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

But if you get a new garage door, everyone will know that you care about your property and want to take good care of the neighborhood.

You’ll Have to Keep Repairing It

New springs, new garage door rollers, new weather stripping, new everything. It’s like an old car. It’s just a black hole of spending.

At some point, it’s cheaper to just get a new garage door. The last thing you want to be wasting money on is an old garage door that’s unsightly and doesn’t work very well. Eventually, you'll get sick of replacing parts.

Although it’s an investment to get a new door, it’s a much better investment than constant repairs. Repairs take time, money, and energy.

You Won’t Enjoy Your Garage As Much

When your garage is hot or cold, you won’t want to spend time in it. An old door lets the weather in, be it rain, snow, heat, freeze, and whatever else you have. Insulation is nonexistent.

If you have a shop in your garage, you’re going to want to be able to use it! But so many people avoid their garages because they’re uncomfortable to be in. Don’t you want to reclaim that space?

An unusable garage is just wasted square footage that can be turned into something magical, if only you could enjoy being in it.

It Can Let Critters In

The last thing you want is an infestation. Old garage doors let critters in left and right. The weatherproofing isn’t just for weather- it’s also for bugs and rodents.

You may end up with a bug infestation. Ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, termites, and more may come to call your garage home.

Even worse, you may end up with rodents. Rodents will destroy everything you have in your garage.

Your old photos that you have in storage? Ripped up to build a nest. The dog food that you keep in your garage? Opened and spilled everywhere. Clothes waiting for the right season? Holes torn through them. Not to mention how unsanitary it is.

It Can Cause Flooding

If you live somewhere where it rains a lot, (or even if you don’t- freak storms happen) having an old overhead door is a serious liability.

Most people keep special belongings in their garage. A flooded garage can lead to serious damage. Especially if your garage is finished with carpet, your carpet will be impossible to clean and will probably hold onto a musty smell for months or years to come.

You don’t want your most precious items to be ruined. Something as simple as getting a new garage door can help avoid a catastrophe.

It’s Loud

The hinges on old garage doors are, well, loud! They’re so unpleasant. The squeak sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

The neighbors will hear it from a mile away. And you’ll have to endure it every time you open your garage door.

Just imagine opening your door to pure silence. So much better, right? And it’s completely possible with a new door. Sometimes we get so used to things being wrong that we don’t even realize there are simple solutions to fix the problem.

Final Thoughts From Our Garage Door Service Team

Clearly, “past it” garage doors cause more problems than they’re worth. You may not like the idea of making the investment, but it’s one that will pay off immediately.

Unless you’re a fan of bugs, heat, water, noise, and an ugly home appearance, it just makes sense to get a new door sometimes.

We’re here for you! We have years of experience and love helping people upgrade their homes. Call us today and we’ll make your overhead door installation in Parker as simple as can be.

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