Should You Upgrade Manual Garage Doors to Automatic Doors?

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While the automatic garage door has become a standard accessory for the modern home there are still quite a few manually operated garage doors out there. Some were installed decades ago and are still working, while others were installed on contemporary homes by folks who for whatever reason didn’t want to be bothered with a powered door. If someone buys a home with a manual door or they just get tired of opening their garage door by hand they often wonder if they should break down and order an automatic overhead door installation. In this post, we'll look at six reasons why that's a good idea.

The Case for Automatic Garage Door Installation

It’s true that homeowners in Parker and Broomfield with manual overhead doors never have to worry about the battery on their remote dying, or the chain that transfers power from the motor to the door breaking, or having to replace the automatic garage door opener at some future date. But are those reasons enough to avoid ever arranging for an automatic garage door installation? We suggest that the pros of automatic doors far outweigh any downside.

The following are six good reasons why automatic garage doors are better than manual garage doors.

Good old fashioned convenience

Convenience is a funny thing. For instance, it’s becoming clear that people think having a virtual assistant following them everywhere is more creepy than convenient. However, there are some things that are genuinely convenient and the automatic garage door opener is one of them. For decades it has enabled people to lift the garage door from the comfort and safety of their car during nasty weather, while also easing the burden on those who might have a tough time opening the door by hand.

Enhanced security

One of the less talked about virtues of automatic garage doors is that they provide a host of security features manual doors do not and cannot. That includes entry codes that negate the need to carry around keys that could easily get lost or fall into the wrong hands. Automatic locks that are not released until the right code is entered. Vacation mode that disables the door and locks it down for the period of time you specify you will be away. And apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone and alert you no matter where you are on earth if someone enters the garage.


With a manual door, you're destined to enter and exit the garage in the dark. This has always been an unsettling prospect. Who knows if an intruder is waiting in the shadows, or if one of the pets has fallen asleep just inside the door. Also, more than a few people have hurt themselves rummaging around the garage in the dark trying to find the light switch. The automatic garage door opener comes with a powerful light that automatically comes on as soon as the door is activated and shuts off automatically a few minutes later.

Quiet operation

The garage doors installed by the overhead door company today are light years ahead of their predecessors. The best offer silky smooth, whisper quiet operation in contrast to the squeaking and creaking that accompanies opening the average manually operated door. It’s also not unusual for homeowners to mistakenly allow the manual door to free fall for the final few feet creating a loud bang and potentially damaging door panels or other components. That won’t happen with an automatic garage door. About all you’ll hear is a modest hum as it makes its way up and down the track.


The automatic garage door has one important safety feature no manually operated door can offer: the auto return: The auto return features an electronic eye that detects if someone or something is under the door while it is closing. It works by sending a beam of light across the lower part of the door opening. If, when the door is closing a child or pet wanders into the space under the door and breaks the beam, the door automatically reverses course and returns to the open position. This feature is crucial if you have young children or pets.

Enhanced market value

Besides enhancing the curb appeal of a house an automatic door will also enhance its market value. A house with a modern, ultra-quiet and efficient automatic garage door is going to be worth more than a house with a creaky old manually operated door. If you plan on selling your home any time soon and you currently have a manual door you would be wise to call our garage door sales unit and arrange for an automatic door installation before potential buyers start arriving to size up the property.

One last thing

If you are concerned that an automatic overhead door is going to cause the electric bill on your Broomfield home to go through the roof there’s no need to worry. Today’s automatic doors use only a fraction of the energy automatic doors did in your parent’s day. Doors today are typically lighter, the lifting mechanisms more effective and the openers far more energy efficient than their predecessors.

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