Is a Smart Garage Door Opener Right for Your Home?

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More and more homeowners are installing smart home systems in their properties today, to simplify their lives, make their homes more secure, and automate some of the more mundane household tasks. A smart garage door opener can easily be incorporated into most smart home systems but is it something that will truly be of benefit to you and your family? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some of the advantages a smart opener has to offer.

The Advantages of Overhead Garage Doors with Smart Openers

If you’re not sure whether a smart opener is a worthwhile addition to your smart home or you are still deciding whether to install a smart home system in the first place, consider the many benefits that these modern overhead door openers have to offer:

The Ability to Open and Close Your Garage Door From Any Location

With a smart garage door opener, you can open and close your garage door from pretty much anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to access your smart home system and operate your garage door. Is this a useful feature for you and your family? Well, if you’re expecting guests and you’re not there to open the garage for them, it could be a great addition to your smart home. You could also use this feature when you’re away on vacation. By scheduling automatic opening and closing times for your garage door, you’ll be able to create the impression that somebody is still there.

Accepting Deliveries When You’re at Work

If you regularly order goods online, a smart garage door opener will allow you to accept deliveries when you’re not at home and ensure they are safely locked away in your garage. Amazon, along with some other online retailers, already offers a special service that capitalizes on this particular advantage.

Never Having to Worry About Losing Your Remote

If you’re like most people then you’ve probably mislaid your garage door remote control on a number of occasions and know exactly how frustrating it can be. By installing a smart opener and adding it to your smart home system, you can eliminate this issue completely. Every member of the family that has your smart home app on their phone will be able to open and close the garage door at any time, without having to hunt for the remote.

Improved Personal Security

This is one of the most important benefits as far as many homeowners are concerned. By setting your garage door to open just before you get home, you can drive straight in: there will be no need to sit outside, waiting for it to open. Some of our customers with older doors have requested a new garage door installation in Broomfield and Parker specifically so they can take advantage of this benefit. However, if you already have a modern door fitted, with a quality automatic opener, you should be able to fit a smart opener without having to pay for a whole new door.

Improved Home Security

As we mentioned earlier, you can set your garage door to open and close at certain times of the day when you have a smart opener installed. And there are more security benefits you could enjoy in addition to this one. If you drive off in the morning and forget to close the garage door, you can close it as soon as you realize what you’ve done. You can also set your smart home system to activate an alarm if the door is opened while you are not at home. Combined with a conveniently-placed CCTV camera, a smart door opener could make your home much more secure.

Monitor Movements Inside Your Garage

Some smart door openers have an integrated camera, which allows you to see what is happening inside your garage at any time. Whether you have a particularly valuable car that you like to keep a close eye on or you want to make sure your handyman is storing your tools properly, this can be a very useful feature. And don’t forget, if it is not possible to fit a smart opener to your existing door, we can help. If you live in Parker, Broomfield, or nearby, you can call or message our garage door service team at any time to request a quotation for a compatible new door and opener.

Easily Access Your Garage During a Power Outage

Some conventional automatic door openers will not work during a power outage but if you invest in a smart opener with a battery backup, this will not be a problem that you have to worry about. You will still be able to open and close your garage door remotely, rather than having to get out and do it manually.

Connect Your Door Opener to a Light

By adding a smart garage door opener to your system, you can set it up so that the light inside or outside your garage comes on at the same time as the door opens.

If you live near Denver and you’d like to find out more about the process of fitting a new smart door opener, please feel free to call and speak to us now. Our garage door sales team will be happy to answer all of your questions and to prepare a detailed, no-obligation quotation.

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