The Benefits of Insulating Your Garage Door

Closeup of Exposed Insulation in Wall of Home

One of the first things a visitor will notice about your home is the garage door, which not only drives curb appeal but also is the largest entrance into your house. Because of its size, garage door installers will tell you a garage door is a huge source of energy and heat loss in your home. Thanks to a faulty garage door, you may experience colder rooms in the winter, humid and hot rooms during the summer, and money unnecessarily wasted on heating and cooling expenses.

If your garage door is old and you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations, you might want to consider the benefits of insulating your garage door. Alternatively, having a new garage door installation in Denver will not only improve energy efficiency and year-round temperature, but also increase your home’s curb appeal. Whatever your choice, be sure to ask your installer about insulation R-value and the differences between polyurethane and polystyrene insulation, the two most common types of insulation available.


Insulating your garage door or installing a new door offers many benefits, including better energy efficiency, sound insulation, enhanced door strength, and a more comfortable living environment.

  • Better energy efficiency - Garage door installers agree: An insulated garage door prevents heat from leaking in the winter and keeps hot air from flowing into the garage during warmer months. A mild temperature inside the garage decreases the quantity of energy necessary to cool and heat your house. The results in better energy efficiency because less conditioned air seeps out of your home and be less is required to keep a comfortable temperature inside. This is especially beneficial with an attached garage that provides direct access to your home.
  • Sound insulation - Insulated garage doors are quieter and stronger than non-insulated doors, with fewer noticeable rattles and cracking sounds. If your insulated door is making noises, call a garage door installation company to have the track mechanism inspected, including rollers, chains, hinges, and springs. A quieter garage door is a nice-to-have if it’s used as a main entrance to your home, or if there are living areas next to or above the garage. Insulated doors are also a sound barrier, dampening noises from outside.
  • Enhanced door strength - If you have a non-insulated garage door, you’ll notice bumps and damage over the years from weather storms, cars, kids, and everyday use. Stronger and more damage resistant, insulated garage doors also fight off rust that can attack a single layer, non-insulated door. Today’s best insulated garage doors are made with steel frames injected with solid insulation between the frames, making them lightweight and sturdy. Enhanced strength means an insulated garage door is long-lasting, resisting damage from wind, heat, and sun that can wear out non-insulated doors.
  • More comfortable living environment - If you have an insulated garage door, the temperature in your home and garage will be more comfortable – and you may even be able to use your garage year-round depending on the R-value of the insulation. A more comfortable temperature in your garage makes it easier to utilize the space for storage, crafts and hobbies, vehicles, or entering and leaving your residence.


A reputable garage door installation company seeks to win customer business through affordably priced services and products, but also by sharing knowledge to help each homeowner make informed decisions. Here are other areas where you'll see improvements once you have an insulated garage door.

  • Energy Costs - An insulated garage door may result in a significant reduction in energy costs, depending on factors like geography, weather patterns, and the temperature setting of your air conditioner or furnace throughout the year. Homeowners in regions with severe temperatures may see the most cost savings, which normally offset the price of a more costly insulated door. Some reports even show that a new garage door returns 85 percent of its purchase cost if you sell your home.
  • Utility of Garage Space - Insulated garage doors result in a warmer garage area, sometimes as much as 20 degrees warmer compared to the exterior temperature. The indoor temperature depends on many factors, but a warmer garage could be a big difference if you live in a cold climate – a refrigerator and freezer that works year-round, and a car or truck that doesn't need to be pre-started in the winter. A warmer garage results in an environment where you can safely store valuables that need protection from moisture and temperature extremes like paint, oils, photos and food.
  • Noise Issues - Based on our experience, an insulated garage door is about three times quieter than a non-insulated version and may reduce noise by as much as 16 decibels. This is great if your residence has rooms directly above the garage or adjacent to it. An insulated garage door not only rattles less but also dampens sounds from outside.
  • Finally, an insulated garage door can boost your home's curb appeal. Talk to one of our staff today about the wide variety of materials, colors, and styles available for garage doors which can enhance the beauty of your home and make it more desirable for a potential buyer. We offer insulated doors with and without insulated windows and many other options such as number and type of panels, window placement, and texture options.

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