The Effect Winter Can Have on Your Garage Door and What We Can Do About It

Updated on July 24th 2023

Winter in places like Boulder, Bloomfield and Loveland can be severe. The average temperature hovers below freezing and the area receives more than seven feet of snow per year. On top of that the wind comes howling down off the mountains creating sub-zero wind chills. But while we sit back in our nice comfy homes each winter, stoking the fire and enjoying holiday gatherings with family and friends, the garage door is out there taking the brunt of the brutal conditions. As top-rated providers of garage door services in Broomfield and nearby communities, we see first-hand the impact extreme weather can have on a garage door. And it’s not pretty. Thankfully, there are things you can do to minimize these effects.

Winter Garage Door

How Winter Affects Your Garage Door

Today’s garage doors are dependable, energy-efficient, high-tech mechanisms that make our lives simpler, safer and more convenient. But they’re not indestructible. The extreme weather in this part of the country can take its toll on your garage door in a number of ways, including:

  • Broken Torsion and Extension Springs - Prolonged periods of extreme cold can have a negative effect on the integrity of your garage door springs. In fact, broken springs are among the most common problems that arise during the dead of winter. When the temperature is well below freezing it affects the crystal lattice within the steel of the springs, causing it to become less flexible. Combine that with the enervating effects of the spring constantly stretching and compressing and the integrity of the metal suffers. As a result older springs often decide to throw in the towel during winter and you’re left calling for garage door repair in Loveland.
  • Damage From Freezing and Thawing - Doors with wooden panels and any door with a wooden frame are susceptible to damage from the freeze/thaw cycle. Water from melting snow works its way into tiny cracks in the wooden panels or frame, freezes and expands. When it does it creates larger, more serious cracks. These large cracks can shorten the life of the panels and frame, but that’s not all. They also create air leaks that can drain heat from the house and they make the door more vulnerable to break ins as well.
  • Frozen Doors - One of the most common garage door problems that arise during the winter is the frozen door. Snow and ice accumulate around the bottom of the door and wind up forming a seal that prevents the door from opening when you command it to. When this happens you can hear the motor engage (if you’re in the garage) and see the door jerk a bit but that’s all. If your door is frozen shut don’t keep hitting the open button. This could wind up burning out the motor and then you’ll need garage door opener repair.

Advice on Preventing Damage from a Top Broomfield Garage Door Service Team

The above listed winter time problems are not unique to Colorado but they are common here. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of damage from extreme winter weather.

  • Make Sure the Door is Properly Lubricated - During the cold weather the garage door cries out for lubrication. The panels on the door have hinges on both top and bottom to enable them to make the transition from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical. These hinges need to be properly lubricated. So too do the cables, the rollers and especially the springs. Before the worst of the winter weather sets in make sure you call A Better Garage Door and have someone out to lubricate your door so that it will perform as intended when the weather is at its worst.
  • Have the Door Inspected - While the pros from A Better Garage Door are at your home lubricating the door have them do a full inspection of all the components. The winter isn’t just tough on hinges and panels, it’s also tough on the tracks, the chain, the control panel and the motor itself. Make sure everything is in optimal condition so that when the wind is howling and the snow is piling up you can be sure the door will open when your loved ones arrive home.
  • Initiate Any Repairs - There may be issues with the door that you’ve been neglecting. Perhaps you’ve heard a lot of squeaking and squealing coming from the door as it opens and closes. Or maybe the door is shaking as it opens. Or maybe it’s not sitting squarely on the ground when it closes. All of these are indicative of more serious problems that will surely rise up and impose themselves on you when you least expect it. Call for top-rated garage door repair services before that small problem becomes a major issue that could endanger the safety and health of your loved ones.


Wintertime poses one of the most serious threats to the health of your garage door. It's best to address problems annually before the snow starts piling up and the wind chills plunge to -25. Call A Better Garage Door at (303) 920-2267 to arrange an inspection or to request emergency garage door repair.

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