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New Year, New Approach: 10 Good Garage Habits to Get into in 2018

When it comes to turning over a new leaf most people think of dropping a few pounds, exercising or spending more time with the kids. What they don’t think about is being better to their garage. But maybe they should. The garage is the largest open space in the house but most people treat it like a basement where they happen to park. Being kinder to your garage will pay big dividends in terms of safety, security and health and head off the need for things like garage door opener repair.

10 Good Garage Habits to Get into in 2018

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The Complete Guide to Weatherstripping Your Garage Doors

The weatherstripping on your garage door helps keep dirt, debris, cold air, pests and intruders from entering the garage and impacting or perhaps endangering the home and everyone in it. Weatherstripping is particularly valuable as a means of keeping winter weather outside where it belongs which in turn keeps your heating bill under control. (If your garage is an icebox it’s going to pull heat from adjoining rooms and make the furnace work overtime to keep up with the loss.) There are a several different types of weatherstripping for your garage door. None of them are particularly expensive or as difficult to deal with as, say, garage door opener repair.

Weather Stripping your Garage

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The Importance of a Battery Backup on Your Garage Door Opener

The modern overhead garage door is one of those things that most people take for granted. They don’t remember a time when entering the garage entailed more than just pushing a button while moving up the driveway and having the door close automatically behind them once they were safely inside. But all it takes to bring back the not-so-good old days is one good old fashioned power outage. When that happens everyone is suddenly reminded what life was like when you had to get out of your car and manually lift and close the door. Everyone, that is, except those people who have a battery backup on their overhead door.

Battery Backup

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