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Garages and Carports: What are the Differences and Which is Right for You?

If the time has come to build a shelter for your car, van, boat or other vehicle(s) you have two basic choices: the garage or the carport. Which one you choose will be driven by a slew of factors from the climate where you live to the type of vehicle you need to house to the security situation in your neighborhood and, of course, your budget. Even then it’s not a simple choice to make because either one will then drive other considerations like maintenance, potential garage door repair and scalability for years to come. Below we’re going to look at the relative merits of each type of vehicle shelter and hopefully help you determine which one might be right for you.


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Garage Roofing Options: Everything You Need to Know

When a garage is built into the floor plan of the house it shares a roof with the house, so whatever style of roof is on the house is also on the garage. However, when the garage is detached from the house you have more leeway as far at picking a style for your garage roof. Keep in mind though that as a general rule you want all the different structures on the property to share major design cues as much as possible, just to tie the property together and maintain a sense of continuity. That said you can still get away with a bit of independence when it comes to the roof of your detached garage. And the further away from the house it is the greater your design leeway.

Garage Roofing

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7 Ways Thieves Can Break into Your Home and How To Stop Them With Tricks, Maintenance, and Repairs

Just as you spend long hours and days getting better at what you do so too your common burglar is constantly looking for new and better ways to gain entry to your home. While most people don’t give it too much thought the garage in fact presents a number of opportunities for the enterprising weasel to break in and help himself to your belongings. So it’s useful to know in what ways your garage may be vulnerable to intrusions. Below A Better Garage Door Service Northglenn will take an in-depth look at how thieves are getting into your garage and what you can do to stop them. We will also cover ways how proper maintenance and repair can stop a burglar in their tracks.

Ways in Which Opportunistic Thieves May Attempt to Gain Access to Your Garage and How to Stop Them

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