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Always Hire an Experienced Non-Subcontracted Garage Door Installation Company

A new garage door can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal, security profile, energy consumption and overall value. It’s a major investment in the well-being of the house and the people who live there so it’s important that it’s installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Folks tend to underestimate how difficult it is to install a garage door properly however and so, in an effort to save a few bucks, they give the job to anyone who will do it cheap. Typically, such bottom of the barrel installations come back to haunt the thrifty homeowner. They may even need to have the door re-installed by a pro. Below we’ll provide 5 good reasons why you should bypass the bargain basement garage door installation and call that experienced pro first and why you should be wary of garage door companies that subcontract their work.

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Avoid Unqualified Garage Door Installers

Most of the problems that arise with overhead garage doors are either the result of age or the fact that the installation was carried out by someone with little or no experience who did it on the cheap. Here are 5 good reasons to always hire a professional garage door installation company.

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5 Ways in Which Your Current Garage Door is Letting You Down

Garage door letting you down

Garage doors are one of the most overworked, and overlooked parts of your home.

Let’s say you only use your garage door twice a day—once when leaving for work and once when coming home—that’s still 730 times a year! It’s actually estimated that this big lug of a door is working hard upwards of 1,000 times per year.

Something used so much should hold a lofty position in your home. It should be smoothly working, secure, and convenient—not a hassle. This may mean making garage door repairs, it may mean a new door altogether.

Either way, your current garage door is probably not pulling its weight. Here are some ways how:

1. It’s an Insulation Pushover

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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Garage Space This Year

If you’ve ever wished you had an extra room in your house for something fun and creative, you’re in luck, because you do!

The garage is one of the biggest rooms in the house, and—besides parking the car, and storing knick-knacks—one of the most underused.

Here are some creative ways you can put your garage space to its best use this year:

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