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The Importance of Maintaining your Driveway

Most people don’t give their driveway a lot of thought and that’s understandable, to a point. After all the driveway is usually paved with some heavy duty material like concrete or even interlocking pavers and so doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that will need a lot of tender loving care. But driveway maintenance - while it may not be the kind of thing you need to engage in on a daily basis - is nonetheless something that you ignore at your own peril and in this post we’ll touch on a number of reasons why that is.

Keep your driveway beautiful

The Downside of Letting Your Driveway Go

Here are just some of the ways a poorly maintained driveway can negatively impact your single biggest investment (that would be your home).

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Telltale Signs Your Garage Doors Springs Have Gone Bad and Why They are More Important than You Think

Most people are under the impression that it’s the garage door motor that lifts their door. Actually the motor’s part in opening and closing the garage door is fairly minor, mostly reserved to getting things going and then controlling the rate of movement. But if it’s not the “opener” that opens the door, then what does? If you said the springs give yourself a big pat on the back. Garage door springs are the epitome of old technology and yet they’re essential to the operation of garage doors in every corner of the world today. If they go bad your garage door is in for a rough ride. Below we’ll go over some of the telltale signs that your garage door springs have had enough.

Rusted out spring

The Different Variations of Garage Door Springs and How They Work

There are two types of garage springs installed in overhead garage doors: extension springs and torsion springs.

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Reasons for Choosing a Direct Current (DC) Garage Door Opener and Things to Look for When Comparing Garage Door Openers

After 25 years providing garage door repairs in Broomfield and nearby communities, A Better Garage Door's experienced team has seen a bit of everything. But perhaps no garage door-related phenomenon has been as unexpected or had the kind of far reaching implications for the industry as the rise of the DC powered garage door opener. As recently as 10 or 15 years ago the dominance of AC-powered openers was unquestioned and there seemed no reason to doubt things would stay that way.

AC vs DC

The Doors They Are A-Changin’

Both AC and DC motors are designed to do the same thing: transform (electrical) energy into motion. Both do their job well but do it in different ways. AC (Alternating Current) garage door motors are durable and typically require minimal maintenance over their lifetime. Yet in spite of this DC (Direct Current) garage door openers are steadily gaining market share. Why? Actually there are a number of good reasons including:

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