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Can a Garage Door Be Painted?

White paint pouring from paint can into drip tray

Inside our homes, when something starts to look worn, we paint it. If a coffee table or an old chair starts to show its age, touching it up with a bit of point can be a cheap and easy way to give it a new lease of time. Lots of homeowners wonder whether the same thing can be done to a garage door. Can they be painted or would this be a bad idea?

The simple answer is that, yes, garage doors can be painted. This does bring up another question though – should you paint your garage door? We're going to look at the answer to this question, as well as provide some advice about the best way to go about painting a garage door below.

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Why is My Garage Door Slamming Shut?

Homeowner on step ladder repairing garage door opener inside residential garage

If you’ve ever been present when a garage door has slammed shut, and I’m guessing you have if you’re reading this post, then you’ll know what a truly terrifying experience it can be. A large, solid object weighing hundreds of pounds racing towards the floor with all of its might. Get in the way of that and there will be some serious consequences.

If your garage door has slammed shut or does so on a consistent basis, and you’re not really sure why, we’d encourage you to call your local garage door repair tech. As we just mentioned, this is not an issue that you want to take any chances with, nor is it going to resolve itself.

Below we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why garage doors slam shut. We’ve seen and resolved this issue for our clients in Parker and Broomfield many times over the years.

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Garage Door Weatherstripping FAQs

Homeowner using electric drill to install weatherstripping to residential garage door

Not every garage door repair job requires tinkering with springs, rollers or repairing garage door panels. The weatherstripping around the edges is just as important as the rest of the door and the insulating power of the door is greatly affected by the condition of this weatherstripping. But not a lot of people know that and it’s a part of the garage door that is often overlooked by many homeowners.

As it’s such a misunderstood part of the standard garage door, we thought it’d be a good idea to put together a post answering some of the most common questions about weatherstripping.

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