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Accent Plank Garage Doors - The Right Choice for Your Home

Today’s mechanical garage doors are marvels of technology and so far advanced from their noisy, somewhat clumsy and undependable forebears they don’t seem related at all. Today’s doors are quiet, secure, reliable and affordable pieces of domestic tech. And they’re one more thing as well: customizable. If you never gave much thought to a customized garage door for your home maybe it’s time you did. A customized steel garage door with Accent Planks from A Better Garage Door may be just what the designer ordered to complete the look of your castle’s exterior.

Accent Plank Garage Door

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Garage Door Repair and the Causes of Stuck or Crooked Doors

Automatic garage door openers are one of the true conveniences of modern domestic life. You can arrive home in a blinding snowstorm yet still get yourself and your car neatly tucked away without a single flake landing on your head. That’s the upside. When your garage door decides not to play nice, however, it can be a different story. Sometimes an overhead door will become crooked or, seemingly out of the blue, get stuck part way up or part way down in the cycle. What then?

When to Call For Garage Door Repair

Yes, garage doors will sometimes get stuck which can be a major inconvenience. However, a door getting stuck doesn’t just happen. There’s a reason why the door got stuck and often times that reason can be traced back to a lack of proper maintenance or service on the door. Here are a half dozen of the most common reasons a garage door will get stuck.

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Why Buy a Steel Garage Door - Their Many Benefits

hot steel

There was a time when all garage doors were made of natural wood. You can still get wood doors, or that "wood look", but for the most part those days are behind us. In recent years the garage door industry has moved beyond wood and embraced a slew of new materials from which to fabricate their doors. Fiberglass, aluminum, various composites and even plastic are now in the mix, but perhaps no material has intruded on wood’s primacy as the go-to material for the garage door as much as steel.

Why Steel Garage Doors Have Become So Popular in Broomfield

As it turns out, steel offers a number of advantages over wood and the other materials listed above that makes it, in many ways, the perfect material to build these doors from. As a result, there are plenty of people in the industry who will tell you that, aside from garnering interest as a kind of specialty item, the days of the wood garage door are numbered and the other materials don’t stand much chance of making a significant dent in steel’s ever growing market share.

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