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The Effect Winter Can Have on Your Garage Door and What We Can Do About It

Winter in places like Boulder, Bloomfield and Loveland can be brutal. The average temperature hovers below freezing and the area receives more than 7 feet of snow per year. On top of that the wind comes howling down off the mountains creating sub-zero wind chills. But while we sit back in our nice comfy homes, stoking the fire and enjoying holiday gatherings with family and friends, the garage door is out there taking the brunt of Old Man Winter’s bad attitude. As the premier garage door repair company in the Boulder area we see first-hand the impact extreme weather can have on a garage door. And it’s not pretty. Thankfully, there are things you can do to minimize these effects.

Winter Garage Door

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Is There a Best Time of Year for a Garage Door Installation?

When it comes to replacing the garage door you don’t always have a choice. Sometimes an accident or an extreme weather event will damage a door beyond repair. And other times multiple components of an older door will wear out more or less simultaneously, which makes replacement the more cost-effective choice over continuing repairs. On the other hand, some homeowners are aware their aging door isn’t going to make it through too many more winters, or folks engage in full on remodeling of their home which calls for a new garage door installation to match the new look. The question these folks have is this: “Is there a best time of year to have a new garage door installed?” Below, we’ll look at this question.

spring time garage door installation

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Overhead Garage Doors Vs Other Options: What's the Verdict

The overhead door has been a fixture of the American landscape since the end of World War II. In that time it’s reached such a level of market penetration that it’s just understood that if your home has a garage it’s going to have an overhead door. But while sectional overhead garage doors are the standard method for addressing that big hole in your house that the car goes in and out of there are still plenty of people out there who yearn for an alternative. But are there any? And if so, how do they stack up against the venerable overhead garage door? Below we’ll take a look.

Overhead Garage Doors Vs Other Options

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