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Polyurethane vs. Polystyrene Garage Door Insulation: Which is Better?

Technician in protective gear adding insulation to interior of home being built

The garage door is the single biggest component of a home’s exterior and, at the same time, the largest moving thing on any given house. It plays an essential role in creating curb appeal, it provides a safe and comfortable place for you to transition from car to house and house to car and it will either cause your energy bills to spike or, if properly insulated, it will help you get them under control. Below we’re going to look at the two most popular types of garage door insulation and see if we can determine whether one is objectively better than the other.

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Did You Back Into Your Garage Door?

White sedan backing into residential driveway at night

Backing into the garage door is a common misstep but the resulting damage is not something the average homeowner can fix on their own. The frame of the door is often bent, panels may be cracked or broken and there may be damage to the tracks, rollers and other door components. Not addressing this damage quickly will leave the home open to potential intruders, and skew heating or air conditioning bills. Fortunately, A Better Garage Door is here to provide timely, expert garage door repair that will have your home back to normal in no time.

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How to Stop Air Infiltration in Your Garage

Two-story red brick residential home with two-car white paneled garage door on gray, winter day

An attached garage is a massive convenience for those who don’t like slogging through snow, rain or frigid temperatures in the dark to get from their car to their house. But while the garage provides protection from the elements it’s not without its downsides. Primary among them is the fact that when builders construct a house in Broomfield they don’t insulate the garage. This makes the garage a cold, clammy place and causes it to suck heat from any adjoining living spaces. Some homeowners try to fix this by ordering a new garage door installation with a heavily insulated door. But that new insulated door won’t do much if cold air is leaking in all around it. In this post, we'll talk about how to stop this kind of air infiltration.

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