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Which is Better, Steel or Nylon Garage Door Rollers?

Different Types of Garage Door Rollers

Today’s garage doors are marvels of efficiency and dependability. But, there comes a time in the life of every one that you will need to call the garage door repair company. Garage doors are complex mechanisms so there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong and warrant repair. Garage door opener repair is something we get a lot of calls for. But there’s another component of the door that’s far less visible but is often behind garage door troubles: the rollers. In this post we’re going to take a close look at garage door rollers. In particular, whether you should be using steel or nylon rollers and the differences between the two.

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Your Old Garage Door is Costing You Money

Money Blowing in the Wind

The garage door is a marvel of modern convenience the likes of which could never have been imagined just a century ago. It allows you unfettered access to the house with just the push of a button in the worst weather. You can even open or close it from halfway around the world using your smartphone if need be. But like all mechanical devices the garage door will eventually require the attention of the local Broomfield garage door repair company. And the older it is the more often you’ll need to have someone in to fix the garage door. But falling into disrepair isn’t the only way your garage door is potentially costing you money. Let’s take a look at some others.

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Garage Door Replacement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We at A Better Garage Door get lots of questions regarding garage door replacement, the process, the cost, the benefits and a lot more. It’s understandable. The garage door is the largest single component of a home’s exterior. So it has a big impact on the way a house looks. It’s also the single largest moving part of the house. And it’s actually become the most popular entry portal for most non-urban homes in America. So it’s an important part of everyday life. In this post we’re going to go through the most frequently asked questions we encounter on a daily basis about replacement garage doors.

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