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Minimize the Chances of Rust Building Up on Your New Garage Door with These Tips

When most folks think of garage door maintenance they understandably think of painting the panels, cleaning any windows, maybe having someone in to look at the opener and things like that. What doesn’t often occur to people is the issue of rust. But rust can be a major concern regardless of whether you have a door with metal panels, glass panels or traditional wood panels. That’s because, even if the panels themselves are not metal the hinges, rollers, tracks, springs, chain and more are made of metal and subject to corrosion just like any other metal objects. So how do you minimize the chances of rust building up on the components of your new garage door? Below we’ll take a look.

How to avoid rust on your garage door

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Hot Garage this Summer: A Few Options to Cool It Down

The attached garage is one of those things that separate the modern house from its forebears. In the olden days the carriage house was a good distance away from the main house in order to ensure odors from the horses stayed clear of the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Today we drive our vehicles directly into the house with nothing but a standard interior door separating the garage from the living space. It’s incredibly convenient. But it also creates a few vexing issues, including those having to do with the garage environment. Like the basement the garage is typically unfinished, which means that in the winter it gets incredibly cold and in the summer it can be hot as an oven. Below we’ll look at some ways to cool the garage down this summer.

Garage Cooling Tips

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5 of the Biggest Errors Homeowners Make with Garage Door Springs

It’s understandable that most folks think the garage door opener opens the garage door. After all, it’s called the “opener” for a reason, right? Well, yes and no. It’s actually called the opener because calling it the “garage door starter and motion regulator” just wasn’t going to work from a marketing perspective. But that’s actually what it does. It plays a role in opening the door but doesn’t actually do much of the heavy lifting. Instead, it sets the door in motion and then regulates that motion to ensure it’s nice and even all the way up and back down again. But if the opener isn’t actually opening the door then what is? The answer is; the springs.

Mistakes Homeowners Make with Garage Door Springs in Broomfield and Northglenn

Because the proper role of garage door springs in Northglenn is so often either misunderstood or simply overlooked homeowners have a tendency to make a few common mistakes in dealing with them. Some of these errors are relatively harmless but some could have dire consequences. Here are 5 of the biggest:

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