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Broken Garage Door Springs: Five Warnings to Watch For

Red and White-Striped Warning Cone in Middle of Road

In some cases it may be very obvious that a spring has broken but if you are not sure whether this is the cause of your problems, take a look at the list below. In it, you will find the five most common warning signs that indicate a broken garage door spring. If you are still not sure after carefully checking the list, please feel free to call and speak to a member of our garage door repair team at any time during business hours. We will be delighted to arrange a visit to your home, during which we can diagnose the fault and fix your garage door.

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Diagnosing and Fixing Unusual Garage Door Issues

Confused homeowner standing by garage door with hands on his head

In previous articles we have shared our experience of the most common garage door problems that we encounter on our garage door repair rounds in Boulder, Denver and the surrounding areas. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of the more unusual issues we have come across, along with our suggestions as to how they can best be resolved. It may be possible for you to tackle a couple of the issues yourself but, as a rule, we recommend contacting a team of experienced professionals such as ourselves. If you are in any doubt as to whether you can fix a garage door problem without putting yourself or your family in any danger, it is always best to call an expert.

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Five More Garage Door Safety Tips for 2020

Front of home with text reading 'garage door safety tips' over garage door

If you’re contemplating garage door replacement it’s a good time to bring yourself up to speed with garage door safety issues and practices. Why? Well, consider this sobering fact: it’s estimated that each year, in the US alone, some 20,000 to 30,000 people are injured in garage door accidents. It’s a sizeable problem that really doesn’t get enough press.

At various times in the past we’ve addressed some common garage door safety issues. But since your home can never be safe enough, especially if you have kids, there’s always room for a few more. This is especially true these days since doors can be opened from anywhere on earth a homeowner can get an internet signal. So, in honor of the New Year, (and the start of the new decade), let’s take a look at five more garage door safety tips.

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