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How Different Styles of Garage Door Affect the Perception of Your Home

Different Garage Door Styles

The garage door is not a sexy topic. Nor is it one that gets a lot of print space over at H&G magazine or creates the kind of excitement that a remodeled kitchen or new furniture will. But maybe it should. You see, the garage door is the largest single component of your home’s exterior. In some cases it can account for a quarter of what people see from the street when they look at a house. As such it plays a significant role in how your home is perceived. And any changes to it will fundamentally impact that perception for better or worse. In this article we’re going to look at ways different replacement garage doors can affect the way people perceive your home.

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Different Kinds of Garage Door Cables

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Just about everyone is familiar with the garage door opener, the extension or torsion springs, the remote that sends the “open” or “close” signal to the door and the panels of the garage door itself. Many people today are even able to control their garage door from halfway around the world by way of an app on their smartphone. But while homeowners tend to be better informed than ever about their garage doors there’s still one component of the entire mechanism that can leave them scratching their heads: the cables. There are actually several different cables at work on most contemporary garage doors and below we’re going to take a look at them and what they do.

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How to Get Into Your Garage When the Power is Out

Power Outages

The majority of homeowners and their kids today have never known a time when they had to open the garage door by hand. But most garage doors in place today don’t have a backup power source. So when lightning takes out a transformer a few blocks away and the garage door doesn’t respond when they hit the “open” button they don’t know what to do. Typically they wind up calling for garage door repair in Loveland or Boulder. Fortunately, no power doesn’t have to mean no access to your garage and it doesn’t have to require a service call. Below we’ll take you through the steps to access your garage if the power goes out.

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