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Is the Smartphone App Rendering the Remote Obsolete?


If you look at sci-fi movies from a half-century ago, they seem pretty quaint when compared to the reality of life here in the early 21st century. Sure, we don't have flying cars (which means we also don't have flying car accidents raining down on our homes), but in just about every other way contemporary reality has outstripped the imagination of even the most forward-thinking visionaries of days gone by. At the leading edge of the tech revolution is the smartphone. Its effects on both business and our personal lives have been profound. It's put travel agents out of business, is driving brick and mortar retail into the ground and is making a slew of other tech devices obsolete. Is the garage door remote one of those devices? Let's take a look.

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Features That Make Today’s Garage Doors So Great

A Better Garage Door

What's Great About Garage Doors?

The contemporary garage door is more than just the biggest moving thing on your house. It’s more than just that thing that allows you to enter and exit the house is warmth and comfort. And it’s certainly more than just an appliance that sometimes requires you to call the garage door repair company. These days the garage door is a feature-rich, value-added proposition with few equals. It’s finally begun to realize its true technological and aesthetic potential and comes with myriad command and control options as well as an array of material options. So let’s take a look as some of those features and options that separate the modern garage door from its forebearers.

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A Better Garage Door: More Than Just Garage Door Replacement

Skeptical Man Considers Company Credentials

Those of us that comprise the Better Garage Door team take great pride in the work we do and our position as one of Colorado’s premier garage door replacement companies. But we’re way more than just a garage door replacement company. We offer a full range of garage door-related products and services and deliver them in a timely and affordable fashion. So whether you’re having a problem with your door’s auto-reverse mechanism or a recent storm has delivered a branch through one of your garage door window panels, we’re the company to call to set things right. Below are just some of the many garage door-related services we offer.

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