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Answering Some of the Most Common Questions and Issues People Have About Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers have been a fixture of modern life for decades now. They’ve become so much a part of the cultural/domestic landscape that most folks tend to take them for granted. That is, until it comes time to either purchase one or call for garage door service in Northglenn. We get a lot of questions from homeowners concerning garage door openers and it’s understandable. Because even though the basic concept of the automatic garage door has remained pretty much the same since they were first introduced the details have changed in a big way: to the point where you can now operate your garage door or check on the state of your garage door springs in Broomfield from your beach chair in Thailand.

Answering Some of the Most Common Questions People Have About Garage Door Openers

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The Advantages of a Two Spring System

When installing garage doors many home builders will use only a single spring. This is done for two reasons. 1) To save money and 2) because the builder correctly assumes that most of the time the new homeowner won’t think to check the number of springs on the overhead door. The builder’s assumption that most people won’t check is a fairly safe one because as any garage door service in Broomfield will tell you many homeowners (and would be homeowners) believe the number of springs on a garage door is pretty meaningless. After all, the thinking goes, it’s the “opener” that opens the door. Right?

Double Spring Garage Doors

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New Year, New Approach: 10 Good Garage Habits to Get into in 2018

When it comes to turning over a new leaf most people think of dropping a few pounds, exercising or spending more time with the kids. What they don’t think about is being better to their garage. But maybe they should. The garage is the largest open space in the house but most people treat it like a basement where they happen to park. Being kinder to your garage will pay big dividends in terms of safety, security and health and head off the need for things like garage door opener repair.

10 Good Garage Habits to Get into in 2018

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