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6 Signs it May be Time to Replace the Opener on Your Garage Door

The modern garage door is a composite mechanism that utilizes age-old technology, high efficiency electronics and state-of-the-art digital features. Everything on the modern garage door needs to work together in perfect harmony for it to operate as intended. But just because one part breaks down doesn’t necessarily mean you need complete garage door replacement. In fact, the springs, the rollers, the chain, the opener and more can be expected to wear out and need replacement at different times. When it comes to the opener in particular you need to keep your eyes open to the warning signs that it’s time to replace it.

Before and After Garage Door Replacement

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What Should You do if Your Garage Door is Frozen Shut

People who have owned their homes for a while know there are a variety of things that can affect the operation of their garage door including falling branches, debris in the tracks, rusty hinges and broken springs. One thing almost no one is prepared for, however, is that icy cold day when they hit the “open” button and nothing happens. Maybe there’s a bit of spasm in the door and a click or two, but that’s it. After a few more attempts - and some very unhappy sounds coming from the motor - it becomes obvious the door is frozen shut. The question then becomes: What to do about it?

Frozen Garage Door

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6 Reasons to Have A Better Garage Door Conduct Your Garage Door Replacement

Modern garage doors are remarkable devices that provide years of safe, dependable service if they are properly installed and well-maintained. The thing is, there are all kinds of self-proclaimed experts out there today who try and convince unsuspecting homeowners to hire them to install replacement garage doors or to conduct maintenance or repair work on existing doors. Don’t fall for it. When you need to have your garage door serviced or the time has come to replace the garage door don’t entrust the job to just any old handyman with a rusty tool box. Contact A Better Garage Door instead.

Garage door replacement for your family

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