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Reasons to Have An Opener Keypad Installed on Your Garage Door

Whether you are considering full garage door replacement or are just looking for a way to make your current overhead garage door more convenient you should consider installing a garage door opener keypad. While there are still a few manual doors out there the overwhelming majority of garage doors in service today are controlled by a wall switch inside the garage, a remote inside the car, a smartphone app or a keypad. A growing number of homes use all of the above mentioned control methods and yours should too. Below we’ll explain why.

Garage Door Replacement

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How to Minimize Garage Door Repair Costs

The modern garage door is a model of efficiency and dependability. It was one of the first domestic devices that could be operated remotely and one of the first to be added to the internet of things. But as rugged, attractive and clever as contemporary garage doors are they are, unfortunately, neither maintenance free nor indestructible. At some point - should you own your home long enough - you will need to hire someone to perform garage door repair or garage door opener repair work. In this article we’re going to touch on some ways you can reduce the number of times you need to call the garage door repair company.

Garage Door Repair

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The Effect Winter Can Have on Your Garage Door and What We Can Do About It

Winter in places like Boulder, Bloomfield and Loveland can be brutal. The average temperature hovers below freezing and the area receives more than 7 feet of snow per year. On top of that the wind comes howling down off the mountains creating sub-zero wind chills. But while we sit back in our nice comfy homes, stoking the fire and enjoying holiday gatherings with family and friends, the garage door is out there taking the brunt of Old Man Winter’s bad attitude. As the premier garage door repair company in the Boulder area we see first-hand the impact extreme weather can have on a garage door. And it’s not pretty. Thankfully, there are things you can do to minimize these effects.

Winter Garage Door

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