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Tips to Keep Snow and Ice Out of Your Garage This Winter

Blue house with two-car garage surrounded by snow

Whether you love the winter months or hate them, there is one fact that is undeniable: the cold weather makes it much harder for us to keep our garages clean and tidy at this time of the year. Ice, slush, snow and dirty water seem to get absolutely everywhere when it turns cold and if you are the sort of person who likes a pristine garage floor, wintertime could just about drive you mad. But don’t worry because our Broomfield garage door installation and repair team has some great tips that will help you to keep your garage spick-and-span when the snow starts to settle.

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Noisy Garage Door? Here's What To Do

Man with brown hair holding finger to lips in shushing motion

While most new automatic garage doors make barely a sound as they open and close older doors are prone to becoming noisy. There are a variety of reasons for that including wear and tear on the component parts, and a loss of lubrication over time. But regardless of the cause, the only thing that interests most Broomfield homeowners with noisy garage doors is what can be done about it. The good news is that in most cases full-on garage door repair is not required. You essentially have a choice between calling the pros at A Better Garage Door to perform some main basic maintenance, and conducting that maintenance yourself. Below, we’ll get into the specifics.

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Should You Upgrade Manual Garage Doors to Automatic Doors?

Bright yellow paneled single-car garage door with two rows of windows on dark commercial blue building

While the automatic garage door has become a standard accessory for the modern home there are still quite a few manually operated garage doors out there. Some were installed decades ago and are still working, while others were installed on contemporary homes by folks who for whatever reason didn’t want to be bothered with a powered door. If someone buys a home with a manual door or they just get tired of opening their garage door by hand they often wonder if they should break down and order an automatic overhead door installation. In this post, we'll look at six reasons why that's a good idea.

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