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Garage Door Windows: The Pros and Cons

Blue suburban home with white garage door with windows and accents

If you’re currently looking for a new garage door installation, considering all the different types of doors that you could potentially have fitted at your home, windows is one factor that you may be undecided on. Windows or no windows? As a garage door sales company with thousands of installations under our belts in Parker and Broomfield, we can tell you that it’s something that is commonly debated among homeowners.

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Five Great Ideas for Alternative Garage Uses

Garage renovated into office space with partially open glass garage door

Most homeowners don’t use their garage space to even 50% of its potential. Some don’t even keep their car in it! This makes it one of the most underutilized spaces in the whole home. But what else can you really do with a garage other than store a load of junk that’s destined never to be used again or have it act as a place your car calls home?

Well, quite a lot actually. Most of the homes we go to do garage door repair and installation work in either Parker or Broomfield use their garage space in the conventional way. But through our work, we've come across a good number of folks using their garages for alternative purposes. We're going to run through 5 ideas that might start those cogs turning.

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Seven Ways to Keep Your Garage Space Cool in the Summer

Large, silver fan against white background

If your garage doubles up as a workshop or you just don’t appreciate getting out of your car and straight into a sauna, you’re going to want to take steps to keep it cooler during the hottest months of the year. And, with the help of our handy guide, you can make sure your garage in Broomfield doesn’t turn into a furnace every time the sun is shining.

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