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Features to Consider in a Custom Garage Door

Brighly colored red and blue garage doors of adjacent Denver-area homes

If you're renovating your primary residence or have decided to build a custom home, one of the most prominent features that visitors will take note of is your garage door. The garage door is an integral part of any home, a calling card if you will that announces the overall style of the residence and offers a presence that speaks of security, durability, and comfort. As a premier installer and provider of garage door services in Broomfield, we offer the knowledge and experience you can rely on to help you select your next garage door.

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Top Causes of Broken Garage Door Springs and Mistakes to Avoid

Garage Door Spring Repair

There are any number of reasons why homeowners call us for garage door repair in Loveland or Broomfield. Among the most common reasons is that something is wrong with the torsion or extension springs. Since it is the springs and not the “opener” that actually open the door any malfunction with the springs can leave you out in the cold. If the springs are malfunctioning you may not even be able to disengage the garage door opener and lift the door manually. That’s how important the springs are. In this article we’re going to take a close look at some of the reasons why the springs on your garage door may be malfunctioning - and a few common mistakes to avoid.

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The Best Kinds of Wood for a Garage Door

Close-up view of unique, custom-designed blue wooden garage door with diagonal slats after Broomfield, CO installation

A beautifully detailed wood garage door can change a once boring garage façade into a central point of attention for your house’s curb appeal. A wide variety of paints, stains, and sealants are available, allowing virtually endless possibilities for creating the look and durability that you want for your door –and minimizing the time spent on garage door repair.

But before you dive into the weeds about style details, you will need to arrive at a single important decision: The type of wood to use for your garage door. As a leading Parker garage door repair company, our expertise is not only limited to the nitty-gritty of garage door repair, but the finer nuances of material, accessories, and craftsmanship.

There may not be a single “best” material when it comes to a wood garage door, but our expert installers have seen some indisputable favorites among our customers. Ultimately, deciding on a wood species depends on your priorities and preferences, but we can offer a hint of what to expect with three of the most popular kinds of wood for garage doors.

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