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Garage Door Springs are Not All You Need to Care For - The Cables are Important Too

When it comes to garage doors most homeowners are well acquainted with the panels that make up the face of the door, the opener that gets the door moving and regulates its motion and some even know about the springs and the fact that they are the real work horses of the garage door mechanism. After that things get blurry for most folks with regard to identifying other components of the door. And that’s to be expected. Because most of the time there’s no need to worry about the more obscure elements of the door, like the cables for instance. But knowing what the different cables are and what they do is important.

Broken Garage Door Cable

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Garage Storage: Dos and Don’ts

Many homeowners look upon their garage as a kind of catch-all for storing just about anything. Some things end up there because someone was in a hurry and didn’t have time to find a better place. Other things wind up there because the closet was full or they were considered too dangerous to store in the kitchen, basement or attic. And still others wind up there by mistake. In this article we will cover somethings you should never store in your garage, and then we will give you storage hacks on how to store the things that DO belong in your garage.

7 Things You Really Don't Want to Ever Leave in Your Garage

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Single Panel Vs Sectional Garage Doors and Raised Panel Garage Doors a Comprehensive Guide

There’s little doubt that when most homeowner’s today think about garage doors one image comes to mind. And that is of the sectional garage door slowly rising, bending neatly every vertical foot or so before coming to rest above the car. This type of door has become the standard from coast to coast. But it’s not your only choice when it comes time to replace the garage door. First you much choose between a single panel or sectional, then you need to pick whether you would like short or long panels. In this article we will cover all options. So which is actually better?

Single Panel Vs Sectional Garage Doors

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