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Your Garage Door is Not Just Old, It’s Dangerous

The modern garage door has a well-deserved reputation for long-term dependability and safety. But nothing lasts forever and there comes a time when garage door replacement becomes not just a luxury but a necessity. Still, there are quite a number of folks out there who harbor the notion that if they can squeeze a few more cycles out of their overhead garage door they’ll end up ahead of the value curve. What’s more likely to happen is that they’ll end up behind the damage and injury curve. Old garage doors are no laughing matter. Like old, decrepit buildings they represent a significant safety hazard. Not to mention the fact that every day you hold onto a faltering old garage door it negatively affects the value of your home.

Garage Door Safety

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What is a Smart Garage Door and How Does it Work?

The digital age has brought wonders to our fingertips our grandparents and their parents never could have imagined. Even sci-fi movies from only 30 or 40 years ago didn’t anticipate the rise of digital technology, high speed wireless internet and the reality of 10 year old kids walking around with more computing power at their fingertips than it took to land men on the moon. One of the most incredible technological advances is that of smart devices that can be controlled by a few taps on a smartphone screen from anywhere in the world. And it was only a matter of time before garage doors joined the growing ranks of smart devices.

Samrt Garage Door Opener

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Can a Garage Door be Remodeled?

If you own your home long enough you will no doubt engage in various remodeling projects. Maybe you’ll add an island or granite countertop to the kitchen. Or maybe you’ll decide to bring that old upstairs bathroom into the 21st century. But what about the garage door? It’s the largest single component of the home exterior and yet the only time most homeowners think about it is when they have to call the garage door repair company. If the door is working fine it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense to replace it. But can it be remodeled? Below your favorite Broomfield garage door repair company will take a look at this question.

Remodeled Garage Door

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