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Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

Paneled white residential garage door stuck halfway open

Many homeowners take their garage doors and garage door openers for granted. They’re supposed to work on-demand and they do — mostly. But sometimes you have a stuck garage door or a remote that’s on the fritz and it’s a source of frustration. This is especially inconvenient when your garage door won’t completely open, like when you need to take your kids to school or otherwise get a vehicle out of the garage.

When your garage door won’t fully open, there’s normally a simple explanation. But if the problem lingers, you may need to call a Parker overhead door repair specialist for help.


An effortlessly functioning garage is important if you want to ensure the safety of your family and property and prevent injuries. But there are times when your garage door will experience problems.

These issues can be a big headache and can make it hard to access the things you’ve stored in the garage or park in it when it’s raining heavily. The best way to unravel a solution is to understand possible causes. Here are some of the reasons why your garage door won’t open all the way and how to address them.

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Is an Insulated Garage Door Worth It?

Overhead door installation professional installing new garage door with insulation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your garage more often, especially in the colder months? One way to make that happen is to regulate the temperature inside the garage. As such, you should insulate the walls, ceiling, and your garage door. There are many ways to insulate your garage to boost energy efficiency and get more use out of the space, including garage door installation services.

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Are Garage Doors Easy to Break Into?

Locked padlock securing door of shed

Your garage door is a prime access point to your home. That’s why it’s critical to keep the door, mechanical components, and opener working as expected – to keep intruders out, and protect the sanctity of your home, personal property, and loved ones. Garage door repair is critical and mustn’t be ignored if the need arises. But how reliable is your garage door protection even when the door is closed and secured? Can someone still possibly break-in? Sadly, there are still a few strategies burglars may try to circumvent your garage door protection in the greater Denver metro area, Parker, or other Colorado locations.

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