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Some Common Sense Safety Tips for Garage Door Owners

The garage door is a marvel of modern engineering that allows you to enter and exit your home without ever having to directly interact with the weather. In truth, for most people with an automatic garage door on their house, it is the main entrance. The de facto “front door” in all but name. Still, as convenient, quiet, dependable, attractive and easy to maintain as the garage door is it’s still several hundred pounds of wood, steel, glass and more powered by an electric motor and tightly wound, highly dangerous springs. As such proper garage door service in Northglenn is essential if everyone who interacts with the door is to do so safely.

Garage Door Safety

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Making the Most of Unused Garage Space

As the Boulder area’s most trusted garage door installers we see garages of all shapes and sizes, all styles and ages. One of the things that fascinates us the most is when we’re called out to do a custom garage door installation on a garage that has been transformed into a living and/or work space. While it’s understandable that most people want to reserve the garage for their car, it’s no surprise others want to make productive use of excess garage space and wind up converting it into a home gym, study, workshop and more. This idea works particularly well on two-car garages that now only house a single car. Below we’re going to look at what needs to be considered when converting unused garage space.

Garage Space

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5 Good Reasons to Keep Your Garage Door Closed

Unless you have someone in to fix the garage door there is no excuse for leaving it open. The garage door after all is not some tiny, out of the way window, it’s the largest single component of your home’s exterior, the largest single moving object associated with your home and, for most people with an attached garage, the primary entrance to the home. You wouldn’t leave the front door open for no reason. And there is no excuse for leaving the garage door open either. To make our point we present 5 good reasons to always keep the garage door closed.

Garage door thefts

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