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Should I Have One or Two Torsion Springs on My Garage Door?

Types of Springs

In the days of yore (that would be the late 20th century) you had two choices when it came to garage door springs on Northglenn or Broomfield homes: either two extension springs or a single large torsion spring. Now, with extension springs, it made sense that you would have to use two. That's because they run parallel to the tracks that extend back from the door. If you only had one, the door would be lifted unevenly. In short, order that uneven pressure would create all kinds of problems. But because the torsion spring sits on the wall above the center of the door and runs parallel to the door, you really only need one. And, until recently, that's all you got. These days, however, it's becoming common for doors to have two torsion springs. In this post, we'll examine why that is and whether it's something you want to do.

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7 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Trying to open a garage door

The automatic garage door is one of those things that makes our life much, much easier but doesn't get the credit it deserves, nor the attention. That is, until it stops working. Then everyone in the house is tuned into the garage door with laser focus. "How can it just stop working?" is the question on everyone's mind. While it's certainly vexing when the door refuses to obey, you have to remember that it's a mechanical device. And so, just like a car or dishwasher or garbage disposal, it's possible that one day, it may not respond the way you expect. In which case, you may need to call for garage door repair.

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Is the Smartphone App Rendering the Remote Obsolete?


If you look at sci-fi movies from a half-century ago, they seem pretty quaint when compared to the reality of life here in the early 21st century. Sure, we don't have flying cars (which means we also don't have flying car accidents raining down on our homes), but in just about every other way contemporary reality has outstripped the imagination of even the most forward-thinking visionaries of days gone by. At the leading edge of the tech revolution is the smartphone. Its effects on both business and our personal lives have been profound. It's put travel agents out of business, is driving brick and mortar retail into the ground and is making a slew of other tech devices obsolete. Is the garage door remote one of those devices? Let's take a look.

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