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Attach or Detach: That is the Question

People today just take it for granted that the garage is going to be part of the house, but it wasn’t always so. The practice of incorporating the garage into the house first gained widespread acceptance in the post-World War II years. Prior to that garages still typically emulated the carriage houses of old and were set apart from the main house. They often had apartments over them that were rented out as well. After about 1950 though, with the rise of the suburbs and commuter culture, architects brought the car home and that’s where it’s (mostly) stayed ever since. In this post we’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of making the garage part of the house.

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4 Ways a New Garage Door Opener Can Save You Money and Why you Need One

Ways a Garage Opener Save You Money

When people think about the garage door they think of its practical function as that part of the home’s exterior which opens and closes to let the car in and out. But garage doors actually do a whole lot more than simply rise and fall to accommodate the car. Being the largest single component of the home’s exterior they fulfill an enormous aesthetic role. Being a potential target for crooks they need to fulfill an important security role. And being the largest opening on the house they also have an impact on your home’s energy profile. The modern automatic garage door however wouldn’t be worth much without the garage door opener. Which leads us to the point of this post: the ways in which installing a new opener can save you money.

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Understanding the Different Types Single of Garage Door Torsion Springs and Benefits of a Two Spring System

Torsion springs are a mainstay of overhead garage doors. Most homeowners have at least a passing knowledge of what they are and what they do. They know that the torsion spring sits above the door parallel to it and lifts and lowers the door by uncoiling and coiling respectively. They also know that torsion springs store massive amounts of energy when coiled and thus are extremely dangerous to work with and around. But what most homeowners aren’t aware of is that there are two main types of torsion springs, oil tempered and zinc galvanized, and that both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this post we’ll compare the different types of garage springs.

Once you are familiar with the types of springs, we can decide whether or not you want a single spring system of a two-spring system

Many garage doors use extension springs instead of torsion springs. Click the 'Torsion springs' link above to see the difference.

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