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Is a Smart Garage Door Opener Right for Your Home?

Hand holding Android smartphone with animated phone signal and two-story house in background

More and more homeowners are installing smart home systems in their properties today, to simplify their lives, make their homes more secure, and automate some of the more mundane household tasks. A smart garage door opener can easily be incorporated into most smart home systems but is it something that will truly be of benefit to you and your family? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some of the advantages a smart opener has to offer.

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Nine Great Garage Door Makeover Ideas

Bright yellow painted garage door with eight windows on dark teal industrial building

Whether your garage door is simply looking a little unloved or it’s beginning to deteriorate to the point where it could pose a security or health risk, a new overhead door installation is just one possible remedy. We’re going to discuss nine makeover ideas that you can consider, most of which you will be able to handle by yourself and a couple that may require the help of a local overheard door company.

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Garage Doors and Wind: How Much Can They Handle?

House with two-car garage and sold sign in yard beneath blowing treets on windy day

Your typical American home will likely feature a sizeable garage door installation. Often they’re the biggest and most prominent feature at the front of your home, and they also offer a big means of access to your property. Unfortunately, they aren’t as strong as you think, especially in high wind!

So how strong is your garage door, really? And how much wind can it handle? As your local overhead door company in Parker, Littleton, and Broomfield, let us explain...

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