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Tapping Into Your Garage Doors Aesthetic Potential

Ultimate Garage Door Repair Guide

There comes a time in the life of every home when it could use some external repairs. That may entail a new paint job, new windows and doors, an expanded porch, new siding or all of the above and more. If you’re like most homeowners however you don’t have unlimited funds to sink into this type of work so you need to find those ways you can get the most bang for your buck. One often overlooked way to ramp up your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank is to repair the look of the garage door. In this post we’re going to look at some ways you can do just that.

Renovating: The Ultimate Garage Door Repair Guide for Broomfield and Beyond

When most folks think about garage door repair they think about things like replacing the motor or straightening the tracks; maybe replacing a torsion spring. But aesthetic repairs are just as important as physical repairs because the garage door typically accounts for a third or more of what passersby see when they look at your house. If you’d like your home to present a fresher, more attractive profile to the world consider the following ways you can repair the way your garage door looks.

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Just Why Do Garage Doors Affect Home Value and How Can You Improve this Before Selling your Home?

When people think about things that can impact the curb value as well as market value of their home they typically think of things like landscaping, a new paint job and perhaps new windows. What often gets left out of the discussion is the garage door. But it shouldn’t be. In most cases the garage door is the single biggest element of the home’s exterior. Depending on how the home is oriented to the street it may make up 1/4 to 1/3 of what people see when they look at the house. In this post we’ll examine that and other reasons why the garage door is so important to your home’s overall value. Then we will discuss how to fix those issues so you will get the best price for your home.

marketable garage door example

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The Importance of Maintaining your Driveway

Most people don’t give their driveway a lot of thought and that’s understandable, to a point. After all the driveway is usually paved with some heavy duty material like concrete or even interlocking pavers and so doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that will need a lot of tender loving care. But driveway maintenance - while it may not be the kind of thing you need to engage in on a daily basis - is nonetheless something that you ignore at your own peril and in this post we’ll touch on a number of reasons why that is.

Keep your driveway beautiful

The Downside of Letting Your Driveway Go

Here are just some of the ways a poorly maintained driveway can negatively impact your single biggest investment (that would be your home).

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