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The Anatomy of a Garage Door, Common Repair Symptoms, and Everyone a Homeowner Needs to Know about Garage Repair

A modern garage door is a complex piece of machinery that is called upon to work perfectly day after day, year after year. We tend to take our garage doors for granted until we arrive home one day and the door doesn’t open. There are myriad reasons why a garage door may fail and any of the major components may be to blame. In this post we’ll go over those major components, detail what they do and explain how they may contribute to the need for garage door repair.

Knowing When to Call for Garage Door Repair in Broomfield

Many feet wide and weighing hundreds of pounds the garage door is a behemoth that helps to make our lives a little easier. The average garage door in Broomfield has a number of vital components that all need to work in concert in order for the door to work as a whole. They are:

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The Ideal Garage: How Does Yours Compare?

When it comes to talking about the garage some guys get that far away look in their eyes that speaks to all the things they wish they had so they could give their beloved auto the TLC it deserves. Other folks give the garage as a whole about as much thought as they give garage door openers, which is to say not much. For this assessment of the perfect garage we’re going to steer clear of the extremes and try to find a middle ground where the car enthusiast in the family will be as happy as the person who looks at the garage as nothing more than the place where they put unwanted stuff.

Building the Perfect Garage

When building the ideal garage you need to keep certain dimensions in mind at all times. They are:

  • Overall width and depth: As a general rule anything less than 10 x 20 feet per car is going to be a bit tight and since we’re talking the ‘ideal’ garage here we’ll want to go a bit bigger than that to accommodate some of the extras we’re going to toss in later.
  • Space between vehicles: In a 2 car garage it’s important to leave at least 3 feet between cars so there’s no chance of dings. In our ideal garage we’re going to plump that up to a minimum of 5 feet so that work can be done on one car without endangering the other.
Garage Space

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Garage Door and When is The Right Time to Do It

If your home has a two-car garage, the garage door may constitute 20% or more of the face your house presents to passersby. If the profile of your home is somewhat offset to the street, the garage door may constitute as much as 50% of what people see when they look at your house. So if your garage door is a problem, it’s the problem people will see; regardless of how beautifully realized the rest of the home’s exterior might be.

The Benefits of Installing New Garage Doors in Your Westminster Home

Replacing a garage door is a big decision but there are plenty of good reasons why you’ll want to go ahead with it in the coming year. Here are 10 in no particular order.

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