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Signs Your Garage Door Rollers Need Replacing

Garage door repair technician wearing red shirt and gloves reviewing checklist on clipboard

Like springs on Parker-area garage doors, the rollers come with an estimated cycle rating, which means the manufacturer has designed them to work a specific number of times. Each cycle represents the garage door opening and closing one time. Because the average residential garage door is the most frequent means to enter or leave a home, it has two to three cycles per day, or about 700 to 1,100 times a year. When the rollers or another component wears out, it may be time to contact an overhead door repair specialist to determine what’s going on.

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Garage Door Opener Not Working? A Few Possible Causes

Red Liftmaster MyQ Smart overhead door opener model in garage of residential home

If you’ve ever resided somewhere In Broomfield that only provided outdoor parking, you know what a pleasure it is to have access to a garage. Parking outside means your car is open to the elements, which can lead to maintenance and other problems you don’t need.

However, even the convenience of a garage starts to wear off if you’re having garage door opener problems. If the door only partially cycles or ignores a command from the remote control, it can be maddening to handle when you don’t understand the problem or what can be done about it.

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Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

Paneled white residential garage door stuck halfway open

Many homeowners take their garage doors and garage door openers for granted. They’re supposed to work on-demand and they do — mostly. But sometimes you have a stuck garage door or a remote that’s on the fritz and it’s a source of frustration. This is especially inconvenient when your garage door won’t completely open, like when you need to take your kids to school or otherwise get a vehicle out of the garage.

When your garage door won’t fully open, there’s normally a simple explanation. But if the problem lingers, you may need to call a Parker overhead door repair specialist for help.


An effortlessly functioning garage is important if you want to ensure the safety of your family and property and prevent injuries. But there are times when your garage door will experience problems.

These issues can be a big headache and can make it hard to access the things you’ve stored in the garage or park in it when it’s raining heavily. The best way to unravel a solution is to understand possible causes. Here are some of the reasons why your garage door won’t open all the way and how to address them.

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