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Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Repairing a Garage Door Opener

Today's garage doors are paragons of reliability, efficiency and technological innovation. What they're not is indestructible. Even the most expensive, custom-designed door is going to manifest some issues from time to time. Why? Because the garage door weighs several hundred pounds that are being lifted and lowered by a combination of a motor, chain or belt, springs, cables, pulleys, tracks and rollers. All those things have to be working perfectly for the door to open. Also, many of today’s garage doors are part of the internet of things. Meaning they can be controlled from anywhere on earth the owner can get an internet connection. So things can go wrong. Before you call the garage door repair company, have a look at our list of common troubleshooting tips for garage door problems.

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Common Garage Door Hinge Problems and What to do About Them

Garage Door Hinge

When it comes to garage doors most people know about the opener, the panels and the remote. That’s about it. But a typical garage has dozens of components and if any one of them goes wrong it could spell trouble. Should a spring fail it can affect the way the door opens and put excessive force on the tracks, rollers, cables and more. Should the opener fail you’re back to opening and closing the door by hand. But among all the things that could go wrong, few people give much thought to the hinges. You know, those small metallic objects at the bottom and top of the panels that make it possible for the door to turn the corner from vertical to horizontal. Below we’re going to take a close look at the hinges as well as some of the common problems that can befall them.

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Are All Garage Door Springs the Same?

Types of Garage Door Springs

If someone asked you what part of the garage door mechanism lifts and closes the door, what would you say? If you’re like most people you’d say the opener opens and closes the door. And that would be a perfectly understandable and reasonable answer. It would also be technically incorrect. You see, the opener is actually more of a starter and regulator than it is an opener. It provides the little jolt of energy required to get the door moving and then regulates that movement to ensure it is smooth and effective. So if the opener isn’t actually opening the door, then what is? The answer, as any garage door service in Northglenn will tell you, is the garage door springs.

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