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Four Reasons Garage Door Springs Break and Need Replacing

Repair tools hanging on wall above workbench in garage workshop

Typical garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and are critical not only in protecting your home and loved ones, but also in making a first impression on anyone who visits your residence. Today's garage doors are weather-resistant, constructed with heavy, high-tech materials, and are opened about three times daily per American home. This puts a lot of stress on mechanical components that do the heavy lifting day in and day out.

If you have maintenance concerns, contact a garage door springs Northglenn professional for help.

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Buying a Used Garage Door: Why We Wouldn't Recommend It

Brick Garage Exterior Painted with Warning Message 'Just Don't...'

In case you haven’t noticed, selling and buying used goods is a time-honored American tradition. It likely began with the first settlers from England in the late 16th century but picked up steam hundreds of years later and became a way of life. In fact, when the Salvation Army's "salvation brigade" kicked off in 1897, the era of the “thrift store” came about.

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Six Undesirable Consequences of a Poor Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installer in Hardhat and Safety Glasses Approaching Broomfield Home Under Construction

A garage door is one of the most noticeable and eye-catching features of your home. Not only can it potentially lower home heating and cooling expenses, but it can also improve future resale value. If the door has been damaged because of a poor installation, you have problems going forward.

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