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Those of us that comprise the Better Garage Door team take great pride in the work we do and our position as one of Colorado’s premier garage door replacement companies. But we’re way more than just a garage door replacement company. We offer a full range of garage door-related products and services and deliver them in a timely and affordable fashion. So whether you’re having a problem with your door’s auto-reverse mechanism or a recent storm has delivered a branch through one of your garage door window panels, we’re the company to call to set things right. Below are just some of the many garage door-related services we offer.

Garage Door Replacement and a Whole Lot More

While installing replacement garage doors is a big part of our business here at A Better Garage Door, it's far from the only thing we do. Here is a list of some of the other services we offer our clients in Denver and beyond.

  • Garage door repair - While we’re known for being the area’s best garage door installation outfit we actually get more calls on a daily basis from homeowners who need some form of repair done to their door. There are any number of factors that can lead to a repair call. Some of them thrust upon the homeowner by nature, some caused by accident or oversight, some the result of poor garage door maintenance and some just a matter of the door getting old. But whatever the cause or the problem we get someone to you fast to get your garage door back up and running.
  • Garage door opener repair - The garage door opener is the beating heart of the modern garage door. Without it, you'd have to get out of your car in the dead of night in a howling blizzard and open and close the door manually. Nobody wants to do that. The opener repair call is one of the most common emergency calls that we get. Way more common than calls to replace a garage door. If you find yourself locked out of your garage due to a garage door opener problem, don't hesitate to call A Better Garage Door at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We'll be there in a hurry regardless of the weather.
  • Garage door spring replacement - More than a few homeowners are unaware of how important the springs are to the operation of their garage door. Garage doors typically weigh hundreds of pounds. So without the help of the springs lifting them would be incredibly difficult, even for the opener. Remember the "opener" is not really what opens the door. It would more accurately be called the "starter and regulator." Because that's what it does. It gets the door started then hands off lifting duties to the springs. Its job then is just to ensure the door moves up and down in a nice controlled manner. So no springs means no opening and closing. If your door is having trouble opening, it might not be the opener. It very well may be a broken spring. We can fix that.
  • Garage door panel replacement - As we mentioned earlier, Mother Nature can sometimes send an unwelcome intruder through one of the windows on your garage door. But glass panels aren't the only ones susceptible to damage. Strong wind events, blizzard, tornados, and more can bring down branches that damage even the strongest metal, aluminum, wood or fiberglass panels on your door. And if that happens, you'll need to get it (or them) repaired quickly. Having an opening on your door is an invitation to every cold, scared critter in the neighborhood. Before you know it, you'll not only be calling for garage door panel repair but pest removal as well. Not to mention the impact of having an open panel on your door will have on your heating or air conditioning bills. If you're looking at a damaged garage door panel give us a call ASAP.
  • Cable replacement - The garage door cable is even less known and understood than the garage door springs. But the cable is a vital component of the lifting and dropping mechanism. And if the cable snaps you're leaving the car in the driveway until it's fixed. That's because the cable is the intermediary between the springs and the door. The springs release their energy to lift the door, and the cable relays that energy to the door itself. It's the same principle as the modern crane, where the motor provides the power and the cable attaches to the load so it can be lifted. Without the cables, the springs can't get their energy to the door. So, if the door isn't opening you may not need to replace the garage door, you might just need a new cable.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the many products and services we offer at A Better Garage Door. That’s why we can say with the utmost confidence that we’re the area’s most trusted full-service garage door company. So, if you’re in need of garage door replacement, by all means, call us. But remember, if you are having any other type of problem with your door or any of its component parts, including the wireless keypad or smartphone connectivity, give us a call as well. Our highly trained and experienced technicians get to you in no time and return your garage door to its normal, reliable self in short order.

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