Features that Make Modern Garage Doors Great

Updated on July 24th 2023
A Better Garage Door

What's Great About Garage Doors?

The contemporary garage door is more than just the biggest moving thing on your house. It’s more than just that thing that allows you to enter and exit the house is warmth and comfort. And it’s certainly more than just an appliance that sometimes requires you to call the garage door repair company. These days the garage door is a feature-rich, value-added proposition with few equals. It’s finally begun to realize its true technological and aesthetic potential and comes with myriad command and control options as well as an array of material options. So let’s take a look as some of those features and options that separate the modern garage door from its forebearers.

Goodbye Garage Door Repair

Nobody wants to call for garage door repair in Loveland, Broomfield or Boulder. And with the ultra-dependable doors available today, you won’t have to. Not only do modern garage doors look like a million bucks, they act like it too. Gone are the days when you would need to have your local garage door repair company on speed dial. New materials, improved efficiency, lighter more precise construction and years of refinement have resulted in garage doors that break down less frequently, last longer, and provide a more robust ROI all around.

Hello, Smooth Operation

Way back in the bygone days of the 20th century opening the garage door was often akin to opening a box of noise. There were squeaks and scrapes, bangs and rattles, buzzes, hums, grinding sounds and more. When the door finally and mercifully clunked to a stop, it was like a dark cloud was lifted. Until, of course, you had to hit the "close" button and it all started over again. Thank the maker those days are behind us. Today's best garage doors operate in near silence, gliding up and down on their nylon rollers powered by their whisper quiet motors and driven as often as not by smooth, noiseless screw mechanisms.

Hold the Coat

It wasn't that long ago that the only difference between being inside the garage and outside the garage was that inside the garage it didn't snow. But you often had ice inside the garage in the winter, and you could use the garage as a sauna during the summer. That's because the humongous garage door was full of cracks and crevices and had no insulation. Modern-day garage doors are built to much more exacting tolerances, minimizing the need for garage door repair. Fewer cracks and crevices mean a much warmer garage environment when the winter weather hits. Your garage may even be warm enough to use as a year-round workshop.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Not only do you save on garage door opener repair, maintenance costs on today's garage doors are a fraction of what they used to be. Just have the pros from A Better Garage Door in periodically for a quick once over, and that's it. Your door will provide you many years of dependable service with little muss or fuss. Even the door panels themselves are flirting with a maintenance-free existence these days. In the past, your panel options were wood or wood, and they were always rotting and cracking and needed constant painting. Not anymore. Fiberglass, steel and composite panels don't need to be painted and aren't going to rot out from under you.

Bring on the Wind

Nobody wants to fix the garage door but those clanky old doors of yesterday were often no match for the high-speed winds howling down off the Rockies. The wind would sometimes leave creases in the door panels or blow the door clean off its track. Today, most manufacturers produce heavy-duty doors designed specifically for homes in high wind areas. These will stand up to 60 - 100 mph winds without breaking a sweat and insure your car and the rest of the things in your garage don't fall victim to wind-driven damage.

They’re Ready for Their Close-up

We've reached a point with garage doors where pretty much anything goes. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Everything is on the table from materials to mechanics to the way by which the door opens. All-glass doors, for instance, are becoming more and more popular. They add an air of mystery and refinement to your home's exterior while at the same time being extremely durable and safe. Essentially, if you don't see what you want from the major manufacturers, talk to the pros at A Better Garage Door. We'll hook you up with a custom design that will blow away the neighbors.

Let’s Not Forget True Remote Control

Wasn’t that long ago that remote control extended about halfway down your driveway. Today, true remote control is upon us. You can now open or close your garage door from anywhere on earth you can get an internet signal. No more wondering if you left the door open. No more panicked trips home from work to close it.

The Bottom Line

We take our responsibilities as a garage door repair company seriously and are always there for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That said, there's no denying that the garage door models made today simply don't require the same level of maintenance or repairs as doors from just 20 years ago.

To learn more about the customizable garage door models available for installation, visit our page on custom garage doors or our online garage door designer.

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