Five Ways to Make Your Garage Smart

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More and more people around the world are becoming interested in smart homes and everything they have to offer, which is no surprise. As smart technology has matured, it has become much more capable: it is now possible to control almost everything in your home via your smartphone screen or voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, despite recent advances, there is one area of the home that has been somewhat neglected during the smart home revolution and that’s the garage. As garage door sales and installation specialists, we have a particular interest in smart garages, which we’re keen to share with you. In this blog post, we are therefore going to discuss some of the easiest ways you can make your garage smart. We’ll also outline some of the most important benefits you may enjoy.

Five Interesting Smart Garage Features to Consider

We asked our garage door installers in Parker and Broomfield, CO to nominate the smart garage features they would recommend to clients if asked:

  • Smart Garage Door Opener - One of the most useful features you can add to a smart garage is a smart garage door opener. A smart opener will enable you to open and close your garage door remotely from almost any location, using a simple app on your smartphone. With a smart door opener, you will also receive a notification in the event that you should accidentally leave your garage door open, with the option of closing it immediately from wherever you happen to be. The security and convenience benefits are definitely worth the very reasonable cost as far as smart garage door openers are concerned.
  • Smart Lighting – Installing smart lighting in your garage is an excellent way to ensure that you always have adequate lighting whenever you need it. In the same way that you can control your smart door opener, you can control the smart lights in your garage using a simple smartphone app. With the app, not only will you be able to turn the lights on and off remotely, you will also be able to put the lights on a timer if you desire. The ability to set your garage lights to go on and off at specific times, together with the ability to turn them on remotely at the touch of a button, will help to make your garage much safer and more secure. It could also help you to save money on utility bills as you will be able to turn your garage lights off remotely should you ever leave them on by mistake in the future.
  • Smart Security Cameras – Whenever our garage door sales teams are asked about smart garage features, one of the first they mention is smart security cameras. Smart CCTV cameras can provide you with a remotely accessible view of your garage, which you can see on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, making it much easier for you to keep an eye on your car and any other valuables that you may store in your garage. Smart security cameras can also alert you whenever they detect motion in their field of view, ensuring that you are immediately aware of any suspicious activity.
  • Smart Temperature Control – With the latest smart thermostats and temperature sensors installed in your garage, you will find it much easier to regulate the temperature inside. This smart technology is particularly useful if you use your garage as a workshop or storage space. With a smart thermostat installed, you will be able to control the temperature in your garage from your smartphone, ensuring that it is always just right, no matter what the weather may be like outside.
  • Smart Storage Systems - Smart storage systems can help you to make the most of the space in your garage. You can use smart shelves and cabinets to organize your tools more efficiently, along with any other items that you may store in your garage. Some smart storage solutions even come with integral lighting: these units are well worth considering if you want to make it easier to find what you need at any given time. Another key benefit of smart storage systems is the fact they can be locked remotely, providing an added layer of security for your tools and any other valuables that you store in your garage. Combine the best smart cabinets with a smart garage door opener and you’ll have yourself a very secure storage facility.

As you can see, there are many benefits you could be enjoying if you had a smart garage right now. Making your home garage smart will not only make it more convenient but provide added security and peace of mind too. By installing a smart garage door opener, smart lighting, smart security cameras, smart temperature control, and smart storage systems, you can transform your garage into a highly functional, safe and secure space. The latest smart technologies can help you to better organize and protect your garage, and make it more comfortable too. With smart features such as we have mentioned, you could turn what is often a neglected part of the home into valuable additional living space.

If you need any help with smart garage door installation in Parker or Broomfield, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will be delighted to provide you with the assistance you require.

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