Front Load vs. Side Load Garages: Which Should You Choose?

Black paneled garage door on home with tiled exterior

If you are currently in the process of designing your dream home, one of the main design choices you will be faced with is whether to have a front-load or side-load garage. If this is not something you have ever thought about before, the implications of your decision may not be immediately obvious. It is for this reason that our Parker and Broomfield garage door installation teams decided to make today's blog post all about the differences between front-load and side-load garages. If you want to learn what each one has to offer and how to decide which is the right choice for your new home, read on: We hope to have all the answers you're looking for.

Front Load vs. Side Load Overhead Door Installation: Factors to Consider

If you need some help deciding whether to have a front or side load garage incorporated into your new home design, we recommend considering all of the following factors carefully:

Vehicle Flow

A domestic garage should look visually appealing but most important of all, it needs to be functional. If you cannot easily drive around to the side of your house or exit in the same manner, a side-load garage will be an impractical choice. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space in which to create a beautiful driveway that allows easy entry to a side-load garage, it could be a great choice for your home, assuming none of the factors below are a cause for concern.

Your Home's Façade

The exterior visual appearance of your garage will play a big part in your final choice when it comes to sideload vs. front load. If your house is quite small when viewed from the front, a front-load garage could help to add extra presence and give it more curb appeal. On the other hand, a house with a fa├žade that is designed to make a strong visual statement may benefit from a side-load garage. Such a garage will not steal focus from the main attraction and could add extra appeal to your property as viewed from the side. If you are not sure what type of door to use for your new garage, we recommend contacting your local garage door company and asking for assistance. If you're in Parker, Broomfield, or anywhere in the surrounding areas, you are, of course, more than welcome to call and speak to one of our experts.

Overall Space Requirements

The amount of space you need in your integral garage could dictate where it is practical to situate it. If, for example, you need an extra wide garage, you may find there is not enough room to place it at the front of your house: a side load garage is often the best option for families that need parking space for 3 or 4 vehicles.

Future Conversion Plans

When you are planning your new garage door installation, future conversion plans may be the very last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, it is worth spending a little time to consider the possibility that you may wish to convert your new garage into extra living space at some point in the future. If you think it is likely, a side-load garage is probably the best choice for your new home. By providing a more private entrance area for your garage, it will make it easier for you to create a separate, self-contained living space there in the future.

After considering all of the above-mentioned factors carefully, you should find it much easier to make the right decision for you and your family, and for your new home. However, if you are still in need of assistance and you happen to live in Parker or Broomfield, please contact our service team and our overhead door installation specialists will be more than happy to oblige.

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