Seven Advantages of Garage Door Opener Keypads

Liftmaster garage door opener keypad with orange keys

Whether you currently open your garage door with a key, a dedicated remote control, or a smartphone, there is still a case to be made for installing a garage door opener keypad. If you've never considered installing one before, you may be wondering what you have to gain, especially if you already have a remote control. Well, we can think of seven very good reasons to think about installing a keypad if you have not already done so, as we discuss below.

Reasons to Install a Garage Door Opener Keypad

After talking to our Parker and Broomfield garage door sales experts, we were able to put together a comprehensive list of benefits that a keypad makes possible:

A Separate Entrance for A Lodger

While any plans for a garage conversion may lie many years ahead, it is still worth giving them some consideration at this point in time. By installing a new keypad for your opener, you will make it much easier to turn your garage into a self-contained living space in the future. In addition to providing your future lodgers with a secure and separate entrance to their accommodation, you will avoid the need to worry about issuing and collecting keys at the end of every tenancy period. With a keypad attached to the door opener, you can simply change the code when each tenant moves out.

Less Hassle Putting Your Groceries Away

If you arrive home with a mountain of groceries in your hands, fumbling for a key is the last thing you want to try. With a keypad linked to your garage door installation, you'll only need a single finger to gain entrance to your home and put your groceries away in the future. Once you have experienced the convenience a keypad has to offer in this respect, you will probably wonder how you ever managed without one. Both our own family members and many of our customers have already discovered how convenient life can be with a keypad for the garage door and we hope you will join us in the near future.

Helping You to Enjoy Jogging and Running More

If you are trying a new exercise regimen, installing a keypad for your garage door opener could be a great idea. One of the most annoying things about jogging or running in your home neighborhood is the need to take heavy house keys with you every time. With a keypad that allows you to access your home via your garage door, you won't have to worry about this issue ever again. Every time you want to go for a run, you can simply leave through your garage, and come back the same way.

Emergency Home Access Point

Even if you don't wish to enter and exit your house via your garage every day, you may still decide to install a keypad for your door opener, so that you can turn it into an emergency entrance. In this way, you will be able to avoid paying expensive callout fees to a local locksmith the next time you lose your main house keys. All you will need to do is walk round to your garage door, tap in the code that you have set, and you will have instant access to your home. If you decide to do this, we recommend changing the code on a regular basis, for security reasons. Once a month, you can have a short family get-together, during which you all decide what code to use for the rest of the month.

Transforming Your Garage into an Entrance Hall

Many homeowners become disillusioned with the layout of their properties over the years and, without a second entrance to bring into play, they have limited options for change at their disposal. However, if you have the foresight to link a keypad to your garage door opener, you will easily be able to turn it into your home's main entrance in the future. This fact alone will make it much easier for you to try more radical floor plan changes, increasing the odds of a successful outcome. You don't need to carry out the installation work yourself of course. Simply get in touch with your local garage door repair and installation experts, and ask them to provide you with a competitive quote for all of the necessary labor and materials.

Children's Entrance

If you have older children who arrive home from school before you get back from work, a keypad for the garage door is an excellent home improvement option for you to consider. Not only will it enable you to provide your children with a completely safe and secure way to get into the house whenever you are not there to greet them, but it will also ensure that lost keys do not become a problem in the future. Even the most trustworthy of kids seem to be able to lose a set of house keys in a minute or two: With a keypad linked to your door opener, you can avoid all of the hassles associated with teenagers and misplaced house keys.

Easy Drop-Off and Collection Point for Parcels

If you are like many other families across the USA, you are doing more and more of your shopping online these days. It is an incredibly convenient way to shop as far as a lot of people are concerned, especially those who have jam-packed work and social schedules. There is really only one problem with online shopping and that's the possibility of being out when the delivery man calls. We have all heard horror stories of valuable packages being left outside for casual thieves to steal and fragile goods being thrown over garden gates by stressed-out couriers. If you have a detached garage and you want to avoid any future problems with home deliveries, you can do so easily by installing a keypad for your door opener. Then, you can simply share the keypad code with the relevant delivery company whenever a delivery is due, and change it once the delivery has been made. Online shopping will become even more pleasurable in the future!

Call Our Broomfield Garage Door Team for Local Services

With all of these potential benefits, we think it is well worth installing a keypad for your garage door opener in Parker or Broomfield. If you are still not sure, or you would like to request a full quotation, please feel free to call or message us at any time. If you live in another part of the country, we suggest searching for 'garage door installers near me' in order to find contact details for local service providers. Whilst it may be possible for you to install a new garage door keypad yourself, it is not something we would recommend doing unless you are very sure about your ability to complete the installation work without incident.

A Better Garage Door offers local installations on state-of-the-art Liftmaster openers - including a complementary keypad with every purchase. To learn more about the models we offer, visit our garage door openers page.

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