Five Unique Garage Door Trim Ideas

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The garage door is the single largest component of your home's exterior. The trick with making a garage door work from an aesthetic point of view is to ensure it dovetails with, rather than detracts from, the other aspects of your home's exterior. When you arrange for a new garage door installation, the style of the door you choose - as well as its size, color and the material it is fashioned from - will all play a role in determining if it melds with the rest of the house. But there is one more element of the garage door that plays an important aesthetic role yet is often overlooked: the trim. Below we're going to take a close look at garage door trim and present some trim ideas we're willing to be you've never considered.

The Role of the Garage Door Trim

The garage door itself is so large and imposing that most people don't see beyond it to the trim. But that trim plays an integral role in determining how the door is perceived both from a distance and close up. The trim also plays a variety of important functions including helping to seal the door opening against the elements, preventing mice, birds, raccoons and other creatures from entering the garage and setting up house, and preventing heat loss.

So trim is important. But not just any old garage door trim will do. You'll want something that is going to work with the design of the door and act as a visual bridge between the door and the surrounding house. The purpose of this guide is to help you think outside the box when it comes to garage door trim in order to elevate the visual experience of the door to another level. Let's get started.

Five Garage Door Trim Ideas

Most Broomfield homeowners never give much thought to the garage door trim. It's there, it does its job and they spend their time thinking about other things like where they're going to go on vacation this summer. We're here to snap folks out of their complacency by presenting some trim ideas most people likely never thought of, until now.

Idea #1: Arched trim

Arched trim above the garage door is a subtle and effective way to elevate your home's profile. Arched trim conjures images of colonial era architecture, and digging even further back, the architecture of ancient Rome. Arched trim adds an element of visual softness to the house and works well with a variety of architectural styles.

There's only one minor caveat when it comes to arched trim around a garage door and it's this: while it will work fine on its own in most cases it will integrate better with the rest of the house if the arched motif is repeated elsewhere. For example, in some of the window frames, or in the frame above the front door.

Idea #2: Fillet trim

Sometimes the best way to add a bit of visual interest to the garage door trim is to expand it outwards away from the door. That's the case with fillet trim. With fillet trim an element is added to the trim, typically above the top of the door frame. In some cases, this will take on a pergola-like appearance. And indeed, if you have a pergola somewhere on the property, introducing some of the pergola's canopy design elements into the trim of the garage door will create a special type of design unity that can be quite compelling.

But a fillet trim does not have to be pergola-like. It can be nothing more than a doubling up of the standard trim, or it can take on a mantel-like appearance that may or may not have room to accommodate flower boxes.

Idea #3: Half trim

As Parker's premier garage door sales and installation company, we see all types of garage doors during the performance of our duties. Without a doubt one of the most interesting types of garage door trim we see is called “half trim”. Half trim simply means that the vertical elements of the trim stop approximately half way down to the ground and are replaced by another design element that typically acts as a kind of faux support to the upper part of the garage door frame.

In some cases the lower portion of the vertical column is comprised of masonry. In other cases a more elaborate type of wooden trim takes over. But no matter how it's done the finished product can add a lot of visual interest to a home in a way that seems perfectly natural.

Idea #4: Brick trim

Most people who own brick houses opt for some type of thin wooden or acrylic trim around the garage door, typically white. We would argue that while that might be the least expensive option it's not always the best. And unless you have some compelling reason to stick with a thin white garage door trim that you should consider brick trim instead.

Framing the garage door on a brick house with brick trim will help add a sense of gravitas to the door. This is important because the rest of the house has a naturally heavy look and feel. If the feel of the garage door does not meld with the thick, heavy feel of the rest of the house it will create an aesthetic disconnect that can undermine curb appeal.

Idea #5: Lighting

Like indoor lighting, automotive lighting and the lighting of commercial buildings, the world of residential outdoor lighting has been revolutionized by LED technology. When it comes to adding lighting effects to your garage door trim these days your options are practically unlimited. You can easily add as much or as little light as you want, in whatever color(s) you can imagine. You can extend the lighting scheme to include the door itself and even embed LED lighting stripes in the driveway to guide the way to the door at night.

With LED lights in the garage door trim, not only will your house have a decidedly 21st century aura about it, but the lights will also discourage intruders, thereby making your home safer.

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