Garage Door Color: Should It Match Your Siding or Front Door?

Two story house with gray siding and white two-car paneled garage door

In many homes these days, the front door is no longer the front door. That is, a high percentage of homeowners enter and exit their house through the garage door more than any other door, making it the de facto front door. But the traditional front door remains nonetheless, a focal point for the home that other architectural and aesthetic elements play off of, even if nobody uses it. One of the most common aesthetic questions we get during a garage door installation is whether the big bulky overhead door should match the color(s) of the smaller, more genteel front door. Read on to find out.

To Match or Not to Match: That is the Question

When customers are choosing a new garage door they often ask us if the color of the new door should match the color of the front door. In the not-too-distant past this wasn’t much of an issue because garage doors came in your choice of white, or white. These days, however, you have all kinds of choices when it comes to the design and color of your door so people are curious whether it’s a good idea to match both entrances. The answer is: it’s up to you.

Some people prefer all the non-siding elements of their home (window frames, doors, downspouts etc) to be the same color. Others like to mix things up. Some folks prefer to use subdued colors on the exterior of their Parker home, while others like bright primary colors. Your tastes are your tastes. But if you're unsure of which way to go with the color of your overhead door installation keep reading.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

Selecting a color for the garage door can be a tricky proposition. Because it’s the largest single component of your home’s exterior it’s going to have an oversized impact on the way the exterior is perceived. Choose the wrong color and it may stick out like a sore thumb. Choose the right color and your home’s exterior will be a paragon of harmony.

As it is your door you are obviously free to choose whatever color you want. But if you want to ensure your home’s curb appeal it should match the color of the siding, trim or other doors, or it should be a neutral or complementary color.

What About Matching the Front Door?

It depends. If the color of your front door is unique, that is, if the color of the front door is not used anywhere else on the house you probably don’t want to use that same color on the garage door. Why? Because that color was obviously chosen to make a focal point out of the door and using the same color on the garage door will undermine that effect.

The Case for Matching the Color of the Siding

If you don’t want to call attention to the garage door you will want to paint it the same color as the siding, (provided that all the siding is the same color). By making the garage door blend in with the rest of the exterior you will ensure the front door retains its position as the primary focal point of the front of the house.

Is a White Garage Door Still a Viable Choice?

Today, people are more conscious of the color of their home and more willing to try something a little bolder and more daring than they used to be. If you are such a person and you paint your home a deep sea blue, olive green or canary yellow you might want to extend that heightened color palette to the garage door as well.

While a white door will, in theory, go with just about any color, simply defaulting to white if the rest of your home is a non-standard color will A) draw an excessive amount of attention to the garage at the expense of the rest of the house and B) cause you to miss an opportunity to create a more compelling exterior look for your house.

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Expert Garage Door Installation in Broomfield and Parker

Choosing the right color for your garage door - even if that means matching the garage door to the front door - can take some effort, but if you choose wisely you’ll be glad you took the time.

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