Garage Door Warranty: Understanding Coverage and Benefits

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As is the case with most new products a new garage door will come with a warranty. For this reason, a lot of people comparison shop before they order a garage door installation in an effort to get the best warranty. But here’s the thing: as long as you buy a high-quality garage door the warranty is going to be similar to that of other high-quality garage doors. The only time you’ll see a significant variation in coverage is if you purchase the cheapest garage door you can get your hands on. Then the warranty won’t cover very much for very long, and the door will probably quit on you the day after the warranty expires.

Below we’re going to take a look at what a typical garage door warranty covers on a quality garage door.

Typical Coverage on an Overhead Door Installation in Parker

Remember, there may be some slight variations between brands, but the guide below should give you a good general idea of warranty coverage.

Paint and Finish

If yours is a door with painted or otherwise finished panels it is likely covered by a paint and finish warranty. The paint and finish warranty will cover you in case the door panels begin to chip or crack, if the paint begins to flake off, or - in the case of a painted or finished metal door - if the panels begin to rust. The length of this warranty feature will vary but most will be for at least 3 years from the day the door is installed. Be aware that if you paint the door during the coverage period the paint and finish warranty will be void.


The garage door panels are about the only thing people see from the outside. But behind those panels is a maze of hardware components that must all work together properly if the door is to raise and lower when you want it to. Those cheap, cheap doors we alluded to earlier won’t usually offer garage door repair on springs, cable drums, chains, belts, and other components. But the warranty on a high-quality garage door should. Exactly how long the warranty on hardware lasts will vary but it is typically between 1 and 5 years.


A window warranty is something you’ll only find on high-quality doors. Even then, the warranty will only cover damage that is a result of a manufacturer’s defect, and it can be devilishly difficult to prove something like that. Damage caused by something hitting the window or scratches caused by poor cleaning techniques are not going to be covered, no matter how much you paid for the door.

Repair Costs

If something happens to the door as a result of a manufacturer's defect a good warranty will cover the replacement of the part or parts in question. It will also cover the cost of any repair work, which, of course, is always separate from the cost of the part itself. The stickler here is that you have to make sure you have the right person or company to conduct the repairs. If you have an unauthorized person conduct the repairs not only will you not be reimbursed but the whole garage door warranty will likely be void.

Notes: If you discover a problem with your garage door you typically need to act fast. Most warranties require that you submit a claim within 30 days of noticing the problem. Also, warranties are not transferable. So if you move into a house in Broomfield that recently had a new garage door installation the warranty will no longer be valid.

What is a Partial Service Warranty?

The Partial Service Warranty usually covers everything the standard warranty covers but only for a period of 90 days, beginning the day the door is installed.

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